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Luis F. Paredes focuses on inclusive and equity-minded leadership in order to cultivate individual and collective talent for co-creating equity opportunities. He has demonstrated experience in the higher education industry, the public and private sectors, and nonprofit organizations. He is especially adept at establishing rapport with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

To support industry initiatives and structural organization, he is an active educator, consultant, and resourceful trainer of inclusion and equity principles. Beyond a static definition of diversity and inclusion, Luis's method and approach envision the development of communities that go beyond the concept. Instead, he proposes a course of action that acknowledges the shifting demographics, political, and cultural paradigms of the larger society. He formulates strategies for establishing communities in which all participants engage in intercultural dialogue to comprehend cultural differences and human similarities.


In turn, he establishes a solid basis for inclusivity in order to achieve equity and access opportunities for all!



Luis provides a deeper understanding of the importance of individual differences and the need for diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies. He focuses on leadership, talent development, and access opportunities with an emphasis on the impact and advantage of inclusion and equity-mindedness.



Luis offers workshops on workplace inclusion and the value of difference that teach you how to be an ally for those in need. You can also take advantage of diverse demographics and talent group education.



Develop a professional rapport with Luis so that he can assist you in achieving all of your goals. Luis will assist you in overcoming life's obstacles by enhancing your understanding through active listening and project management. Discover the opportunities for enhancing your professional satisfaction, and most importantly, for sustaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Vision. Goals. Impact.

The Most Earnest Forms of Activism are in the Act

Through specific consultancies, workshops, training, and life experiences, Luis brings the impact of diversity to the table. Check out some of the events he had the opportunity to experience and share with others.


Devan M. Monroe, M.Ed.
Assistant Dean, Professional Development Programs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Office of Minority Education

Dr. Paredes led multiple retreats and created incredibly inviting spaces for students to be vulnerable and engage with potentially tough topics. Logistically, he was wonderful to coordinate with; he took the time to understand what our retreat’s intentions and goals were and suggested a custom schedule to guide us containing a combination of opportunities for students to explore topics in great depth and more informal chances for them to share their personhood with the group. Though we had a set agenda, Dr. Paredes was flexible and met the needs of the students in real-time, and that flexibility helped students foster deeper connections with each other. These retreat experiences have been significant to student participants and are consistently noted as a favorite memory of participating in our program!

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Contact Luis to discuss his recently published work, teaching, collaboration opportunities or for any other inquiries. Feel free to reach out using the contact info below, or by submitting the form.

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