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Diversity Leadership

I prioritize leadership, talent development, and access to opportunities with an eye toward inclusion and equity. Through specific consultations and colloquia, I also advise individuals and groups on the cultural management of the inclusion of people from diverse groups.

Vision: Create an ecosystem for professional development in which individuals and groups can develop holistically by promoting the union that leads involved parties to their specific inclusion and equity-related objectives.

Mission: Provide a deeper understanding of the value of individual differences and the need to develop strategies for diversity, inclusion, and access opportunity.


Workshops & Lectures

Work-place Inclusion and the Value of Differences: 

  • Introduction to Socialization and Differences 

  • Inclusion as an Imperative for Leadership

  • Creating Inclusive Climate and Respect for Differences

  • Self-Awareness to do Inclusive Leadership

  • Inclusion and Efficient teams

  • Using Privilege to Become an Ally

  • The Empowered Bystander Training 

  • Unlearning Racism: Becoming a Social Justice Ally 

  • De-biasing Teaching Methodologies and Decolonizing the Curriculum 

  • Reflexive and Inclusive Dialogues ​


From these topics, Luis generates lectures and workshops that align with your objectives and audience.


Mentorship & Coaching

Develop a professional rapport with me in order to accomplish all of your goals. I will help you expand your knowledge and overcome life's obstacles through active listening and project management. You will begin to believe in your desire to lead and make difficult professional decisions during this process. You will experience an increase in professional fulfillment, and more importantly, you will be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Diversity Leadership

Specific Focus on Diverse Demographics & Talent Groups:

  • Anti-Racist Educational Development 

  • Decolonial Pedagogy 

  • Curriculum Development 

  • Afro-Latin America 

  • Indigeneity and Native America

  • Gender Equity

  • Empowerment of Female Talent

  • Generational Diversity and Inclusion

  • Queer Inclusion and Allyship

  • Critical Cultural Intelligence

  • Community Building and Engagement 

  • The Ins and Outs of Activism 

  • Speaking Up and Activating Support

  • Understanding and Using History as an Organizing Tool 


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